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At Work Therapeutics Functional Restoration Program, we provide an intensive 10, 20 or 30 day program for worker’s compensation patients and for private patients. We also provide weekly sessions for those who are currently employed. Through both psychological/behavioral and physical therapy, our program is designed to help patients who have been out of work (due to chronic pain) or those who are having a hard time dealing with their pain get back to functioning at their highest level possible.

Early intervention is essential in providing patients with therapy and in establishing a treatment plan to prevent the patient from adapting to a disable and dysfunctional lifestyle. Early intervention may also speed up the recovery process and return to work.

Our Treatment Plan

An initial evaluation is performed to assess emotional and physical functioning. The evaluation assesses the patient’s experience of pain, the related emotional stress, and any factors which may contribute to their condition.

Behavioral testing is administered to fully evaluate the patient’s level of psychological distress, the impact of this distress on their physical condition, and to assist in the development of a treatment plan. The treatment plan will be determined by the patient’s diagnosis and symptoms and is likely to include psychotherapy, group treatment, family therapy, biofeedback, physical conditioning and education and relaxation training for recovery.

Out Treatment Goals

  • Decrease or eliminate the need for pain medication.
  • Increase emotional control of pain.
  • Decrease emotional stress and physical tension.
  • Reduce pain-reinforcing behaviors.
  • Reduce perceived pain level.
  • Increase use of coping skills.
  • Increase strength and flexibility.
  • Increase physical exercise and activity.
  • Decrease dependence on the health care system.

Work Therapeutics Functional Restoration Program

  • Behavioral Evaluations.
  • Pre-surgical Evaluations.
  • Pre-authorization of services.
  • Behavioral health through individual and group therapy.
  • Medication education.
  • Relaxation and advanced coping skills.
  • Pre-screening for narcotic abuse or potential abuse.
  • Conditioning, massage therapy, and rehabilitation.
  • Treatment by specialists in chronic pain.

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Abraham G. Thomas, M.D.
Medical Director

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Clinical Supervisor

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Behavioral Therapist


Chronicle Pain Management

Restore your mind and body with relaxation, guided imagery, cognitive-behavioral therapy, conditioning and message therapy.

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